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Feminism and Deviance by Julie Ann Harms Cannon


Summary of article

This article is a brief introduction to some of the major frameworks within feminist theory, how the frameworks differ from each other, followed by a brief synopsis of a major critique of each framework. The article then provides several examples of how the liberal, postcolonial/multicultural, and postmodern feminist frameworks would address issues of deviance by using examples from the second Iraq War and from the recent resurgence of Roller Derby.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize some of the major similarities and differences of various feminist theoretical
  • Comprehend how the various feminist frameworks address
  • Be able to discuss and understand the various feminist perspectives on Women Soldiers and War including the case of Jessica Lynch and Lynndie
  • Understand the role of women in the Abu Ghraib prison torture
  • Understand how the resurgent Roller Derby movement is an example of recent movements that challenge traditional expectations by flaunting the feminine in ways that subvert its

Key Terms

  • Patriarchy
  • Sexism
  • Liberal feminism
  • Marxist feminism
  • Radical feminism
  • Socialist feminism
  • Cultural feminism
  • Multicultural, Global, and Postcolonial Feminism
  • Women of Color 10)Postmodern feminism 11)Third-Wave feminism 12)Masculine Gaze 13)Orientalist Spectacles


Questions for Class Discussion

  • Discuss the various feminist frameworks and relate them back to other theoretical frameworks. What do they share with functionalist, conflict,


symbolic interactionism, and other theories discussed so far? How are they different?

  • What are some issues that feminists address that are universal to all?
  • Provide some examples of feminist discourse discussed in the article that could applied to other examples of deviance in the
  • What are your perspectives regarding the use of women in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal? Discuss what you know from the news and discuss what you think are the social and political results from the uncovering of the Abu Ghraib
  • Discuss the new Roller Derby phenomenon and it’s role in challenging traditional expectations of femininity. What do you think of the term derby girl? Do you think the movement is a liberating experience for women?

Exam Questions Multiple Choice

  • The assumption that men are superior to females and therefore they

should rule is called                      . (37)

  1. Patriarchy *
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Genetics
  4. Evolution
  • According to Tong (2009) feminists deal with structural and attitudinal impediments to women’s progress. (38)
    1. Postmodern
    2. Liberal *
    3. Marxist
    4. Socialist
  •                      liberal feminists argue that feminism without the explicit backing of the government has no teeth. (38)
    1. Classical
    2. Radical
    3. Welfare *
    4. Androgyny
  • Traditional feminists trace the oppression of women to the beginnings of private property. (39)
    1. Liberal
    2. Marxist *
    3. Socialist
    4. Radical
  • According to feminists, the oldest form of universal inequality is the oppression of women. (39)
    1. Marxist
    2. Socialist
    3. Radical *
    4. Liberal


  • Among feminists both patriarchy and class are regarded as primary oppressions. (39-40)
    1. Marxist
    2. Socialist *
    3. Radical
    4. Liberal
  • Traditionally, early feminists idealize feminine traits over masculine traits. (40)
    1. Cultural *
    2. Liberal
    3. Socialist
    4. Radical
  •                           feminists emphasize the diversity in women’s lives instead of trying to create a sisterhood of women based on
    1. Multicultural * (40)
    2. Cultural
    3. Marxist
    4. Socialist
  •                         feminists reject traditional assumptions about truth and reality including the possibility of defining women at all. (41)
    1. Radical
    2. Cultural
    3. Multicultural
    4. Poststructuralist *
  • According to liberal feminists, women in the Iraq War, such as Private First Class Jessica Lynch: (42)
    1. Were weak
    2. Should never have been there
    3. Demonstrated their worth as soldiers *
    4. Proved women were better equipped to handle war than
  • According to Richter-Montpetit (2007), American women soldiers were used to promote what ideology? (43)
    1. The superiority of whiteness *
    2. The freedom of American Citizens
    3. The gender equality in American
    4. The world was more progressive than Iraq
  • According to Cannon, women were used within the walls of Abu Ghraib as

                       and outside as                             . (44)

  1. Prison Guards; Heroes
  2. Secretaries; Nurses
  3. Torturers; Scapegoats *
  4. Interrogators; Soldiers


  • According to Finley (2010) roller derby women use the term “derby girl” to: (44)
    1. Subvert hegemonic masculinity *
    2. Be Sexually suggestive
    3. To attract a male audience
    4. Attract young women to the


Short Answer Questions

  • Explain what bell hooks (2000) means when she argues that patriarchy puts man men in a difficult position of dominance. (37)
  • Name the three strains of thought that have developed within the liberal feminist tradition. (38-39)
  • According to traditional Marxist feminists what are some of the roles of a women in the workforce? (39)
  • According to Cannon, what did the media start to focus on regarding Private First class Jessica Lynch? What did postmodern feminist think was the ultimate media portrayal of Private Lynch? (43)
  • How were women used in the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture scandal? Explain the various perspectives. (43)



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